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Keyboard Accessibility

Keyboard shortcuts are a standard accessibility feature but the details can differ among web browsers and operating systems. The following are correct for at least some of the above.

For keyboard accesskey shortcuts try the following:

  • alt + {accesskey} - Internet Explorer (if not used by the application itself), Chrome, Safari for windows
  • shift + esc + {accesskey} on list - Opera, windows and Mac OSX
  • shift + alt + {accesskey} - Firefox for windows
  • ctrl + {accesskey} - Camino (mac OS X only)
  • ctrl + alt + {accesskey} - Safari (versions 4 and later), Firefox, Chrome for mac OS X

For further details, see the Wikipedia entry, Access key

Special Access Keys

Using the shortcut key combinations {keys} as above the following short cuts are available on this website for many but not all browsers:

  • {keys} + 1 - Home (Index) page
  • {keys} + 2 - Go to top of page content (will not work if the page length is less than the screen height)
  • {keys} + 3 - Go to menu (will not work if the page length is less than the screen height)
  • {keys} + 4 (or {keys} + s where an underlined letter s is present) - Go to Access key information page (this page).

Different Browsers

Unfortunately, browsers vary in their design over time and may use some of the otherwise available key combinations for their own purposes. Some may use so many that it becomes impractical to allocate keys for any web page or application tasks. The use of these browsers, when accessibility is needed, is not recommended.