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Croylite Music Stand Lighting System

What are Croylites?

light 1 retouched.jpg (39658 bytes) The Croylite music stand lighting system is an easy-to-use lighting system designed especially for use in productions where lighting for musicians is limited. Developed in Australia, the system is robust and incredibly easy to set-up and manage and can light up to thirty music stands from just one standard 240 volt power connection. Croylite music stand lights can be easily attached to any music stand and provide a warm natural light which is ideal for both on stage and pit musicians in all types of musical or theatre productions, indoors or outdoors.

Key features of the Croylite system include:

  • A fully scalable system which can provide three to thirty lights
  • Warm coloured light produced by low voltage lamps (as opposed to bright white light produced by fluorescent lighting systems)
  • 12 volt power system running at approximately 750 watts when all lights are connected (15 watts per light) provides an extremely safe system for use on stage or in the pit
  • All lights can be connected to just one 240 volt power outlet “daisy chaining” power supply units
  • Easy to setup and manage
  • Australian designed and made lighting system produced right here in Victoria.

Simple to set-up and manage

Croylite music stand lights have only four parts. The lighting tube contains five low voltage lamps which produce a warm coloured light which is ideal for any on stage or pit production. Each tube has its own on/off switch for maximum control. The clip which holds the lighting tube easily attaches to any music stand and allows for the lights to be easily directed, simply by turning the lighting tube in the clip to direct the light. The lighting tube is powered by a low voltage power lead which connects to a low voltage power supply. Three Croylites are powered by each power supply.

The perfect solution

light2.jpg (33025 bytes) Regardless of whether you need three, fifteen or thirty lights for your production, the Croylite music stand lighting system is the perfect solution. Croylites are produced and managed by the Croydon Citizens’ Bands Inc, a non profit musical organisation based in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs. Because we don’t have large overheads, we are able to offer the Croylite music stand lighting system at an extremely affordable price to community music organisations and schools and at competitive rates to commercial organisations. We are also able to offer Croylites for sale to any organisation wishing to purchase a music stand lighting system.

Current commercial hiring rates (per light) are:

1 day2 – 3 days4 – 6 days7+days
3 – 9 lights$6.50$5.75$5.00$4.25
10 – 21 lights$5.75$5.00$4.25$3.50
22 – 30 lights$5.00$4.25$3.50$2.75

All prices are in Australian Dollars

Further Information

Schools, non profit organisations and community or church groups can take a further 15% off the above prices.
Persons or organisations wishing to hire Croylites will be required to complete a hire form and a bond may be payable for hiring periods in excess of 4 days. Please note that lights will only be hired in groups of three and it is the hirer’s responsibility to transport the lights to and from performance venues unless other arrangements are made.

For further information about hiring Croylites, please contact David Billimoria:
ph 0407 569 803 or by email.

Croylites are also available for purchase. For further information, please contact the representatives above.

Download the Croylite brochure here! (128kb).