Croydon Citizens' Bands Inc.

Members of the community making music for the community

Our aims

The Aims of the Croydon Citizens' Bands

The aims of the Croydon Citizens' Bands are to

  • Provide an enjoyable musical, organisational and social environment in which members of the community may participate.
  • Develop ensembles to accommodate musicians of all standards.
  • Provide our members with the opportunity to reach their highest potential in all aspects of music.
  • Engage in regular public performance.
  • Develop a positive relationship with government, business, the media, community groups and other musical organisations to enhance the status of music in the community.

How do we do this?

We fulfill these aims through our three ensembles, the Croydon Brass Band, Croydon Wind Symphony and Croydon Concert Band who perform on a regular basis for the local community.